Don Cherry's Poppy Comments

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Don Cherry's Poppy Comments

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I am not a big Don Cherry fan and more often then not, I disagree with most of his rants, however, I personally believe Cherry's remarks Saturday came from his heart, not his brain. I believe his message came out all wrong and because his comments were not worded properly , the wrong message was sent out. I believe he was trying to send out a message that all of us should support the veterans who fought so bravely to preserve our freedom and the way of life we enjoy today.
The term "you people" should never have been used because it singled out the immigrants and refugees. Don Mac Lean should be ashamed of himself, sitting there shaking his head in agreement with Cherry and then giving him the thumbs up as Cherry concluded his statement and then the next day comes out apologizing for Cherry's remarks. It makes one wonder how Mac Lean has kept his position for such a long period of time.

Cherry would be wise to come forward, without delay , apologize for his "you people remark" . In the future Sportsnet should edit all future episodes and set strict guidelines for Cherry with consequences and as we do with our politicians, move on.

In our most recent election our Prime Minister was shown in Black Face photos which was an insult and hurtful to all African Canadians. were we calling for his head, of course not, I guess if you are a politician you can say whatever you want, whether its true or not, you get a free pass.
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