Dundas Blues need help

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Dundas Blues need help

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https://www.hamiltonnews.com/sports-sto ... is-season/

I hope this works out being a big fan of the NDJCHL.
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Re: Dundas Blues need help

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The arena is TERRIBLE. we went to a few games and had to stop because the seats are just terrible, No music, no goal horn, absolutely nothing... You would think with a team with this caliber coming into play they would've atleast found somehow to play music.
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Re: Dundas Blues need help

Post by HockeyFan35 »

A number of Jr. C teams find themselves in this same predicament. Old rinks that the towns have someone neglected over the years, little to no atmosphere during games, etc. Some items such as putting on a show is up to the team, there are good ones and bad ones, that is just Jr. C / small town issues for you right there. Others like the state of the rink, I believe is out of the team's hands and in the hands of the municipality or county/region.

Jr. C hockey has taken a fairly ugly turn. Ownership "groups" have come in, big money budgets (100K +) and owners tossing out thousands of dollars for players and people to join - it is quite something and something that has been gaining momentum in recent years. I do not know the number of owned teams in the entire PJHL, but out of the 63 teams, my guess would be roughly 90% are now owned or are being fed major cash during the year, perhaps some owners have placed cash incentives for the team's achievements (ex. an extra 5K for coming in the top 2 of the division).

Teams such as Dundas may make an honest effort for a few more years, but in the end, if they do not follow suit and gain an ownership group, the Blues (and others) will be no more. That is the just the business of junior hockey (at all levels) these days.

Money talks and this league is does not have the "small town feel" it once did.
I’ve always been a fan of junior hockey at all levels. It’s about the kids. Cheers.
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Re: Dundas Blues need help

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Some teams do spend money and bring in big names. But they've adopted rules to limit the number of older players teams can have. There's also a lot of small markets that are doing well because they recruit players. It looks like there's a few teams in the PJHL that don't even bother looking for talent. And that's a shame.
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