Glanbrook vs Grimsby, finals

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Glanbrook vs Grimsby, finals

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Looks like Glanbrook has a legit shot at beating Grimsby. It would feel different seeing someone else advancing. This should be a great series.
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Re: Glanbrook vs Grimsby, finals

Post by Beehive »

An excellent series so far. As I have stated on here before it is very beneficial to have either one of these teams go deep into the Provincials to enable us to watch some of the other divisions that we would not normally see. Although I would like to see someone other than the Peach Kings represent this area (only because it has become old - nothing personal against the organization) I cannot be more pleased that their past playoff success has provided me with the opportunity in recent years to see great teams such as Essex, Belle River (Lakeshore), Lakefield, Alliston and Ayr just to name a few.
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Re: Glanbrook vs Grimsby, finals

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I was at game 4 in Glanbrook...It looked to me that Glanbrook was the better team with more speed. A clear indicator would be the restraining penalties that Grimsby took early to try and keep up. Ultimately they dug themselves too big of a hole to get out of and lost the game 4-1.

I think Grimsby is better coached, which is why they probably bounced back the next night.

Glanbrook will have to try and win the series without their starting goaltender now though...he's gone away for March break.
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