1000 fans witness GongShow

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1000 fans witness GongShow

Post by HockeyGod » Sat Nov 17, 2018 1:29 pm

Folks that missed the Sarnia,St Thomas game were St Thomas defeated Sarnia should have had a different outcome.It was a night where the old saying happened you cant beat the refs and that was the case Thursday night.Sarnia coach would not criticize the officiating stating I have to be careful what I say according the Sarnia Observer.Ok as a fan I will say it for you these two refs were awful,when one team controls most of the game and losses you have to wonder WHY.Yes some bad luck bad bounces what ever.The one ref was able to wave off 2 goals but seem to be blind the rest of the game(non calls) the other ref just seem to be out for a skate he should of just stayed in the dressing room as he was useless.These two clowns names are on pointstreak if you want to know who they are these two made the league look bad and should be demoted it was a joke total BS.I have watched this league over 35yrs and this ranks up there.I please ask the league and oha to review the game for the sake of the league name.The league wants to improve things heres a start.As a fan I want you to see whats going on in some of these games review the video look at the noncalls,the intent to injury and the refs only made a call because of the scrum that happened afterwards.2 goals waved off, 7 men on the ice and all 4 officals missed it in the third.Would not be wise to send those two refs back to sarnia,things could get ugly awful quick, when you see fans walking out of the building shaken their heads in disbelief the league has a problem.The league can just pretend nothing happened and not address the problem or step up and fix it.I was told no one goes around and watches the refs so he can be bad every night live with it.I can only hope the league and oha can work together as this league has been going down hill the last 10yrs,proof as players leaving to other leagues do you blame them

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Re: 1000 fans witness GongShow

Post by SugarKing » Sat Nov 17, 2018 5:43 pm

Another one of these? Chatham now Sarnia, both fans with passive aggressive threats to the refs too. If you think refs dislike your team, do you think writing stuff online helps the cause?

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Re: 1000 fans witness GongShow

Post by Drummer » Sat Nov 17, 2018 8:42 pm

Fans of most teams leave the arena shaking their heads when their team loses. Move along, nothing to see here.

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