leamington/Chatham trade

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Re: leamington/Chatham trade

Post by PAL » Fri Jan 11, 2019 6:44 am

Chatham added goals and offense with their several trades but after watching the last two games they played in Leamington I see no chance of catching London.Coaching embarrassed by Leamington same game plan for both games same result.MADOX a great player on offense showed last night that he can come back on defense but he just refuses to.The case being the same for many of the forwards rewarded for little effort all have great skills but do not always earn their ice time.Great goal tending effort wasted also Brett on defense gave a great effort.Some players tried but coaches fail to see that excess icetime for good players only wears some of them out and the effort is just not there.We were doing well when playing as a team the last little while.

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