Why Junior "A"?

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Why Junior "A"?

Post by FrozenPonds » Sun Nov 13, 2016 12:11 am

It's only semantics!

The GOJHL is a good product! In fact, it is a great product!

This league, although it has some valid arguments, will never be acclaimed as Junior A within the current structure. It is just the way the system works. Is it a flawed system, I say without hesitation YES!

But there are ways that this league can continue to prosper and even more importantly, compete against the OJHL for players. All it takes is looking what is important to the players who fill roster spots now and in the future. After you realize that, there are roads that you can take that will give you everything you, as a league, want! It is about being creative and looking at ways to steal the thunder of the OJHL and it's governance in this province.

I recently introduced a friend of mine to the GOJHL and he was impressed with the level of play. He came away thinking that the on-ice product was as good as the OJHL. I have always agreed the only difference between the OJHL and the GOJHL (Junior "B") is geography.

But I am not sure the owners of the GOJHL are open to creatively looking at options to further their league and it's opportunities for it's players now and down the road!

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